Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweet Dreams-Vicki's blog

I wanted to tell you how this blog got started. I was surfing the web looking for freebies (can anyone relate?) and I came across Vicki's blog- A Work in Progress. Her kits, and she has tons of them, are just my style. I felt like I hit the motherload! I let Vicki know how much I appreciated her sharing all of her beautiful designs with the whole world and told her that I also like to design my own. She encouraged me to start a blog (my first one ever!) so this is the result. Thanks, Vicki, for all of your help. You can check out Vicki's work, including her newest design, Sweet Dreams, on her blog. Don't forget to send her some love.

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eilajean said...

Your story is the same as mine. I wonder how many people she has inspired? Your work is right up with hers in quality. Congrats!