Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wood Meets Denim Preview

I wanted to give you a surprise preview of the kit that I will begin on Monday. It's called "Wood Meets Denim." If you like my blog header I think you're going to like this kit. Stay tuned!


nan said...

Hello, I am new at the blog community. I read a little of your scrapbooking etc, I don't want to request anything of yours 'til I got around the blog forums. I love scrapbooking myself.I'm still learning how to use digital scrapbooking. I'm so new at using anything right now and I haven't really got a chance to find any good blog or scrapbooking. Keep up the good work on those pages and I like to know how to download scrapbooking products. Thanks for the sharing the beautiful pages. Nancy

Amy said...

Can't wait to use it! Thanks for all your hard work

KrisG said...

This looks soooo gorgeous! My family is a denim-kinda-family! Can't wait til Monday!!! And thank you very very much for your gorgeous Oregon kit! LOVE the colors!

eilajean said...

You KNOW I can't wait for this kit. It has me and Montana written all over it. Although we are quickly moving into the "long john" and flannel season. LOL - but not really laughing. I do not mind the cold so much if there were some snow. Cold and cloudy, without snow, is just dreary. I know, I am an odd child.

Have a great day Barbara!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi Barb!!! Just passing through to leave you some LOVE and thank you for gracing my blog with your presence and smiling face darlin'!

I shall have to come back and take a trip through the "woods" with you as soon as I'm running a bit more smoothly! Looks to be a MOST yummy combination!

Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL week ahead as we enter into the VERY last month of 2008!

Linda :)