Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cork Meets Plaid Papers 2

I was "visiting" Eila from Montana yesterday. She has a challenge for all of us that is very simple to do and will not cost you any money but will help lots of people in need. This is it:

Paste this link as your home page. It is The Hunger Site. All you have to do is click on it once a day and money will be donated for the hungry. Too good to be true. That's what Eila thought too, so she looked it up on Snopes. It is true. Apparently sponsors donate depending on how many clicks the site gets. So, come and take the challenge with me and make The Hunger Site your home page and click on it once a day. That's all you need to do. More than once a day doesn't count. Make it your home page so you won't forget to do it everyday. Thanks, Eila!
Now, who is ready for more Cork Meets Plaid papers? Here is the second set. Oh, I wanted to say that I have really enjoyed seeing where everyone is from. If you haven't done so yet, let me know where you are from.


Brenda said...

There are many click-to-donate sites on the web. The charities involve most all social causes, and so far have all seemed to be on the up and up.

If anyone is interested, I have a good portion of them bookmarked on Delicious:

There are also a lot of play-to-donate sites. You play simple trivia games, and while you're learning about eco-consciousness or geography, you can help people in need. Here are those links:

(I haven't updated the links recently, so some may no longer be active. Also, if you want to find more, a Google of 'click-to-donate' gets results.)

Ok, now I'll step off my soapbox and thank you for allowing me to hijack your comment box and pass on some worthy links.

I'll also thank you for this new kit; I love it. Color, style - very cool.


Barbara said...

Thanks for the info about the "click-to-donate" sites. I don't mind the "hijack" at all!

Puzzler said...

thanks for the donation link - the new papers are great

Ajila said...

I love the tartan paper and it looks fab with cork. Thank you so much for sharing. Leaving you some love.

Nan said...

Love the combination of papers. Thank you.

eilajean said...

HI Barbara,

I appreciate your post. I also appreciate your talent and hard work. TYTYTY!!!!

Have an awesome day!

A curiosity question... Do you take your girls on "cool" field trips as part of the educational thing... since you home school? We lived near DC, I used to love to take an educational day off and go there - so much history. It was perfectly legal, and my son loved those trips. I know, just a random thought I was having. I just feel our children get more enriched when they can "see" the tangibles of History. It is easier sometimes than reading in a book.

ciao for niao...


KrisG said...

I too go to quite a few "click to donate" site.... including this one. I figure that a few clicks a day is soooo worth it! I also CLICK to help feed the animals too!

Thank you so very much for more of your pretty plaids 'n' corks! Can't wait to play.

nancy said...

PLaid and cork are my kind of things. i love the old style of it even for the Titan and Clans fabrics. I think. Thank you for the new kit. I decide to skip one and move forward to a new one. tx again Nancy

Michele said...

I love these papers!

Also in addition to the hunger free click site there is also a breast cancer one and a couple of other ones, if you look at the top of that page when you open it up there are several tabs that have different free click sites. Very cool. I used to do the breast cancer one all the time, but then forgot about it. Guess I need to get back to clicking! lol

Digi Free said...

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Juli and Brett said...


Babs said...

Thank you so much for these cool papers. Just what I was looking for! Have a lovely day,