Friday, February 13, 2009

Canon Camera Customer Service

Does anyone have a Canon digital camera that is on the fritz? I have a Canon PowerShot S1 IS digital camera and it started taking photos with a purplish tone. Then it got worse. The photos had fine scratchy lines in them. I thought to myself ... I guess I'm going to have to get a new camera. I really liked my old one though! So I looked online for troubleshooting and found this web site . Apparently, Canon has an advisory out on my particular problem and they would fix it for free regardless of warranty status (click here for info). I called Canon and talked with a very kind customer service representative who took down my info. He told me that I would get a pre-paid UPS label via e-mail and to ship the camera to them so they could fix it. He also told me that Canon would stay in contact with me via e-mail regarding the status of my camera. I got the e-mail, shipped my camera to them, and received an e-mail on February 9th saying they received my camera. Now get this! I received another e-mail on February 10th stating they had repaired my camera and had shipped it via FedX. I got my camera back on February 12th and it works fine now! Talk about customer service! I thought that was exceptional! I will buy future cameras from Canon.

So, if you have a Canon digital camera that is on the fritz, you may want to check and see if your particular model is on the advisory list.

On a personal note, thank you to all who have inquired about me. I am doing fine (other than a slight cold). I just haven't been in a creative mood lately and my family life is keeping me extremely busy right now. Thanks to all who have given me ideas for a new kit. One of these days, I will be back!


KrisG said...

It sounds like Cannon is one of the better camera services! I've heard horror stories. I had a Cannon that I dropped in the water and couldn't afford to get it fixed. Don't ever take a camera out on a boat if you get dizzy on piers, LOL.

I'm glad to hear all is well... I was starting to wonder if you were okay. Sending ya some chicken soup for your cold... Happy Valentine's Day!!!

nancy said...

Barb, glad that you are fine and back on track. I am also glad that you'd gotten your camera fix. I use the Sony Cybershot D50 somewhre in that number.I love it and just getting used to the digital world feel. That pretty mucn my very own camera that I ever bought. I usually have hand-me down 35mm camera.My Dad gave my two of them and both are Olympus style. So, in the meantime. Welcome back and get better. That more important. Take care. Nancy

Michele said...

ROFL!!!! I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD on this one because as I am reading your post I am thinking about my aunt and how she had a problem with hers and someone told her or one of the kids in her class (she is a teacher) just did it, but they banged (is that a word? lol) the camera on the desk and the next thing you know it was working and haven't had a problem since!!! ROFL! I have heard of at least two to three people that have done this and say it works. Not sure if I really would try it, but I figure one tap on the table might not hurt it too bad if it is already broken anyway! lol

But hey since you already got yours fixed that is great customer service by Canon!

Cheryl Ann said...

I have a Canon Power Shot G6 and I LOVE IT! It hardly ever takes a bad photo! I'm glad to hear that about their service!